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About Our Company

EnContext Advertising delivers BOT FREE traffic thanks to scoring solutions like Forensiq, Botman, White Diagnostics and other well known scoring system that analyze and filter traffic in real time.  We also have additional limits and filtration that insure that our traffic is brand safe.  We generate traffic from our owned and operated websites as well as partners websites that offer display, video, contextual, sponsored articles and more.  This traffic comes from desktop or mobile devices and is global.  We also have the option to deliver traffic via our newsletter and internal email lists (double opt-in).  Regardless of the source of traffic or types of ads, we deliver real users searching for a product or service thanks to our highly targeted approach.

Why Choose Us

Acquiring our traffic can be done on a CPM, CPC, CPV, CPL or any CPA basis to meet your goals with the option to try our traffic RISK FREE and see for yourself.

Regardless of what you select, we guarantee our traffic thanks to an aggressive approach to scoring and filtering all clicks to eliminate BOT traffic and help you better target your audience.

Additionally, our traffic classification is very specific and highly targetedand includes the following:

  • 100% BOT free Audience Building Traffic (PV/TOS)
  • POP traffic that works toward conversion or lead generation.
  • Conversion traffic that converts for most shopping verticals.

XML & RTB Traffic

CPC and CPM traffic option that is 100% scored and filtered with Forensiq.

Display Traffic

Offering Brand Safe traffic on a CPA, CPI, CPL basis via our O&O websites.

eMail Traffic

Offering highly targeted email that deliver customers in most verticals.

Some of our success stories:

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