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Brand-Safe BOT-Free Traffic Guarantee

OnwardClick provides a guarantee that our traffic is BOT free and Brand-Safe for a simple reason: our traffic goes through a rigorous monitoring process and is constantly filtered and optimize via well-known scoring/filtration solutions as well as internal analysis and “cleansing”. Our scoring and filtration include:

  • Scoring by Forensiq, Integral AdScience (IAS) or Double Verify (DV)
  • IP Limits and IP Match
  • Referrer Match, Valid User Agent, JS Enabled Browsers
  • CAPTCHA Sampling
  • Google Analytics (to monitor and optimize PV/TOS traffic)

Also, contrary to others, we do not simply sample a small percentage of the traffic that we send you. This means that every click we send to an advertiser is actually put through one of our scoring solutions (Forensiq, IAS or Double Verified). Additionally, this scoring is set at the highest level of quality to ensure that any suspicious click, whatever its level of suspicion, will be filtered out.

Vast Distribution Network

Thanks to our broad approach when it comes to delivering traffic we offer options to satisfy any approach to advertise. Via OnwardClick, we can offer CPM and CPC with a very high level of targeting options and keywords. Through this option, we can off a great variety of traffic options including the following:

  • Desktop and Mobile Traffic
  • XML or Redirect Feeds
  • Premium/Conversion Search, Intext, Domain Traffic
  • POP Traffic
  • Audience Building Traffic (PV/TOS)
  • Display – All standard banner sizes
  • Video Ads (Pre- Post- and most players)
  • Contextual Ads
  • Sponsored articles
  • Brand Specific Promos
Best of Both World

Programmatic and Human Optimization

OnwardClick, like many networks, offer a Programmatic solution. But rather than simply sending you traffic, we help you optimize this traffic to pinpoint what works for you. Often what other networks do not tell you is that they “Blend” traffic mixing low quality and high quality traffic just enough to get some results and keep you happy. At OnwardClick, we only send you the traffic we know, based on experience, will work for you and then optimize this traffic based on your feedback to eliminate the sources/sub_IDs that do not perform well.

We do this to ensure that you will get the traffic that matches exactly your needs and goals. After all, the more the traffic works for you, the more you will want resulting in a win-win situation for both of us.

To accomplish this, we rely on highly sophisticated technology with real time reporting coupled with the ability to analyze the traffic we send you at the sub_ID level. This enables our Account Managers to optimize using the validation data for each sub_ID as well as traffic behavior, filtration options, and much more.

Guaranteed ROI via our Risk-Free Offer

To be sure, we would never ask an advertiser to believe all that we claim and start acquiring traffic from us on simple faith. We are not naive and want to ensure that you have the opportunity to see for yourself and evaluate our traffic. To do this, we offer a simple Risk-Free option.

What we provide for potential advertisers is very simple and a straightforward offer. We will send you some traffic for 3-5 days to allow you to analyze and test this traffic and decide if this is working for you. At the end of this “test period” you have the opportunity to continue getting traffic and even increase your demand or, if the test was not satisfactory, let us know and the traffic sent to you will be on us.  It is that simple, and we do this for a simple reason: We know our traffic and we know that it works and delivers exactly what is promised for all our advertisers.

Bottom line, as long as your goals are realistic when acquiring “Audience Building” or “Premium/Conversion” traffic, we are very confident in what we have and know that you will see results and want more of what we offer.

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