EnContext Advertising

OnwardClick Risk-Free Offer

What is this "Risk Free" offer?

We understand why an advertiser would feel nervous spending some hard earn money into a CPC campaign with a smaller Network.  We realize that we are not one of the “Top Tier”, and even though we send traffic to these same “Top Tier” networks we have to prove ourselves. 

That is the reason why we offering a risk-free option to our advertisers.  We can offer a risk free CPC option or, alternately, a CPL or CPA base solution.

What is this "Risk Free" offer?

Our offer is very simple and straight forward. If an advertiser wants to test our traffic on a CPC basis, we can offer 1500 clicks of premium or 3000 clicks of audience traffic risk-free.

Simply use these clicks over a period of 5 days or less and if do not like what you see then there is no charge. However, if you do like the traffic we will charge you for these clicks and deliver more of the same.

There are no fine print or any catch and no deposit is required. We are so sure that you will like what you get that you will be asking for more.